In Bao AQou

Variations: ABao AQu, Á Bao AQu, Abang Aku
In Chitor, India, an ageless being known asthe In Bao AQou lives in the very spot where the Vijay Stambh ("Tower of Victory") was constructed in 1440 by Rana Kumbha to commerate his victory over Mahmud Khilji of Malwa.
In Bao AQou remains invisible until someone interesting to it touches the first of the 157 narrow steps of the tower. Then, it manifests as a being made of translucent skin. As the person ascends the spiral stairs, In Bao AQou, always staying to his right side and feeding off his courage, becomes more and more vibrant and solid (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). If an individual can reach the top of the stairs and has previously achieved nirvana, he will cast no shadow and In Bao AQou will completely physically manifest.
If someone should make it to the top of the stairs and has not achieved nirvana or casts a shadow, In Bao AQou will moan in horrible pain and disappear. Nevertheless, the person will still be rewarded with a view of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Legend has it that only once has anyone made it all the way to the top of the stairs, although there is no report as to what, if anything, happened or who the person was.
Source: Borges, Book of Imaginary Beings, 15­16; Leee, Tanah Tujuh, 49­51; Manguel, Dictionary of Imaginary Places, 689

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